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We aspire to have a meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative board representing the full spectrum and diversity of our membership.

It’s almost that time of the year to revisit your goals, set new intentions and create meaningful New Year's resolutions! (and hope that 2021 is not as unexpected as 2020!).

ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter offers its membership amazing programs and events for personal and professional growth. We’re committed to member engagement and educational experiences that elevate our profession. Similar to what you may be experiencing in today’s world, our Board members transition as their lives and work do the same.  This creates opportunities for us to engage new individuals to help our Chapter thrive.  In addition, our board members enter a supportive environment in which to grow both personally and professionally.

We are looking for Chapter members who have experience in Communications, Social Media, Sponsorships, Partnerships and possibly nonprofit board service. We are creating a pipeline that allows for continual learning for you and the board.  In addition, these roles may enable you to stretch and explore new skills. Please join us!

Note: Board members are required to be ICF Global members affiliated with our SFBAC chapter. 

How to apply?

Please contact our chapter President ([email protected]) with your interest to apply and to reach out for more information.

May 12

Culture Coaching & Culture Action Planning

Join Timothy Tiryaki for this informative session

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