Board of Directors


Deanna Stouder

[email protected]

Why I serve on the board: I believe in the power of coaching and wanted to serve our coaching community. When I began my coaching business, SFBAC provided support with wonderful people. I’m here to serve our membership with a high functioning chapter that meets their needs while seeking input for continuous improvement.

Fun fact: I enjoy “Billy goat” gardening!


Vice President

Rosalind Franklin

[email protected]

Why I serve on the board: I am happy combining my professional worlds of Board Governance, Leadership and Coaching to serve on the Board of SFBAC. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with other coaches, support my community and help to create a valuable, welcoming and enjoyable experience for the members of our San Francisco chapter.

Fun fact: I am a harpist and love music from all over the world and ride my motorcycle for relaxation.

Website: Rosalind Franklin Group


Rachel Chang

[email protected], [email protected]


Why I serve on the board: I joined SFBAC to fulfill my quest of creating a positive impact in the communities.   I serve on the board to promote coaching and my fellow coaches to the organizations in the Bay Area.  This work allows me to honor my core values of compassion, contribution and communities.
Fun fact: I love travelling around the world - 6 continents, 23 countries so far and more to explore.  I also like to take macro pictures of flowers and have self-published a photo book of them.  


Sanika Bhurke

[email protected] [email protected]

Why I serve on the Board: I chose to serve on the board to build and contribute to the community of coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, to develop a professional platform for continuous growth as coaches.

Fun Fact: I was a child star on Nickelodeon India ads!

Past President

Ricci Victorio

[email protected]

Why I serve on the board: Collegial associations are important to any professional who is committed to continuous improvement. I continue to learn so much from our members and am grateful to serve with such an incredibly talented team!

Fun fact: I was a professional actor, improv comedian, and casting director for many years and now have integrated this work into our team building retreats! I love to paint BIG paintings and travel frequently to Italy to visit my husband’s family.


Program Director

Carmen Acton

[email protected]

Why I serve on the board: I am passionate about the power of coaching to support individuals in reaching new heights and wanted to connect with and serve other like-minded coaches. I believe in community and participation as a means to enabling us all to have a deeper connection, tap our collective wisdom and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Fun fact: I am an avid reader, traveller, love to dance and have a special passion for doing the occasional equine-facilitated workshop to support transformational change


Communications Director

Cynthia Gregory

[email protected]

Why I Serve on the SFBAC Board: As a career nonprofit professional, I have long been personally committed to supporting those groups and organizations that operate toward a vision of excellence and that make a positive difference in the world driven by a mission of service to others. Working in service of the greater Bay Area community of coaches not only gives me a (selfish) small thrill personally but moreover, it aligns with my professional values of connectivity and contribution to something impactful and relevant on a global scale. I am grateful for the support and agency that SFBAC offers our coaching community!

Fun fact: My fur family has two rescues: Winston the Wonder Pup (bichon), and  Blue Boy (corgie), who capably run the household. 

        Vacant - Partnership Co-Director