We are situated in a wonderful location, the San Francisco Bay area, where we have amazing coaches, excellent coach training opportunities, and a rich professional community that sees the value of coaching. Our San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SFBAC) is transforming and evolving. We are working to meet the needs of this rich and diverse coaching community.

Over the past year, the SFBAC Board made a commitment to provide a mix of webinars and in-person training that is dispersed around the Bay Area. We also sought your feedback through phone calls, emails, and a survey. Monthly, and at our upcoming retreat, we review your input to improve the services to and connection we have with you.

In addition, you will notice several changes in the coming months.

  • First, after the success of our first half-day weekend workshop last October, we have two more weekend workshops scheduled for this year: one on leadership in April and the other on using speaking to enhance your business in September. 
  • Second, our ICF members who affiliate with our San Francisco chapter (683 people strong) will receive our newsletter and announcements and have access to our event packages.
  • Third, our new and improved coach directory, which we urge you to fill out so that your information can be visible to visitors seeking coaching services.

Thank you for being a part of our incredible coaching community!

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