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A Message from Our president

The Power of an Authentic Apology

It seems like there is a need for apologies in my life and more globally in our society. 

I have been thinking about what it means to apologize and the power of a meaningful apology leading to deeper and authentic connection.

I’m sure you have been watching television, listening to the radio, and consuming news content.  We have seen a multitude of apologies to address injustices or to repair relationships divided by points of view. Each of us may also have received a variety of apologies – some are effective and others are not.  What makes an authentic apology?  The essentials include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • State what truly happened.
  • Do not justify with an explanation or excuse (e.g., “I’m sorry you felt that way, it wasn’t my intention.).
  • Open our hearts and feel what the victim felt, without any justification.
  • Take responsibility and commit to real actions to correct the situation.

During this unprecedented time it is important that we find ways to remain connected. Offering sincere apologies that can provide a path forward with actionable steps to result in meaningful change is one of the ways we can ensure we remain in touch and in relationship with each other.    Wishing you authentic apologies!

Deanna Stouder
SFBAC President 2020


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Calendar of Events


Connections & More
Hosted by Rosalind Franklin

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
August 11, 2020
Registration Closes August 9, 2020

Harnessing Your Coaching Skills To Create Transformational Presentations
Hosted by Alexia Vernon

Zoom Webinar
August 12, 2020
Registration Closes August 10, 2020

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Chapter Updates


Join our Team!

Over the past several years a team of dedicated board members has created a wonderful foundation for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Coaches. What an amazing professional legacy!   And as we enjoy the warm days of summer, it is the time of year when we begin to invite individuals to join our team.  

If you are interested in getting involved to help develop and grow our Chapter through the committee or Board engagement,  we would love to hear from you!  We are looking for ICF members who affiliate with our chapter and who have experience in communications, events,  member engagement, and nonprofit board service.   

We aspire to have a meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative leadership team representing the full spectrum and diversity of our membership. To request more information, click here

And please stay tuned! We will be reaching out as soon as we can, but if you can’t wait…. feel free to contact our chapter president, Deanna Stouder.

SFBAC & Master Mind Institute Partnership

How confident are you with the SCIENCE part of the “art and science” of coaching? At Master Mind Institute, our course Information for Transformation: The Neuroscience of Coaching will empower coaches to immediately apply neuroscience concepts in their sessions. Created by an MCC Coach and two neuroscientists, our course helps your clients have more aha moments by actually understanding what’s happening in the brain during the coaching journey. The online course is 10 work-at-your-own pace/pre-recorded sessions, short assessments and twice-monthly live Q & A's with the instructors. Go to to sign up for the course and use promo code ICFSF10 to save 10%

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Program & Event Spotlight

Do you love to help people have amazing breakthroughs?  Are you looking for ways to get you and your message out in an authentic and powerful way?  Presenting, in-person or virtual, is one of the most effective ways to expand your reach and your impact.  

Don’t miss out on this dynamic, powerful opportunity to learn how to create WOW experiences that showcase your coaching skills when you present to a prospective individual or organizational clients.

Sign up today and come away with insights on how to create transformational presentations and have fun doing it.



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Learning Links

Get more out of your ICF membership and your SF Bay Area Coaches by connecting through social media!  First, follow SF Bay Area Coaches on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Then leverage the power of a global community through the following links:

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