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A Message from Our president


It is gratifying to know that we have a strong and growing chapter, and we are grateful to all of you who are able to participate and take advantage of the webinars. This is where we are building our collective knowledge and expertise as well as joining the popular Coaches Corner events that are supporting connections between our members in addition to creating ongoing and meaningful relationships.

With the need for us to remain cautious and distanced, it is also vital to stay connected to our friends, family and community which serves as balm for our souls and sustains our wellbeing. To that end I want to take this opportunity to remind you that February is time for the ICF membership renewal. It is also when we begin our membership drive to support our members in maintaining connection to their peers and fellow coaches in SFBAC.

We hope you will continue to take advantage of what the chapter offers, bring your talents and your time as we look forward to your continued engagement in 2021.

Rosalind Franklin
SFBAC President 2021


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Program & Event Spotlight

I’m an ethical coach…aren’t I?   

As coaches, we draw lines, avoid conflicts of interest and yet often find ourselves bumping up against conundrums and finding ourselves challenged to figure out what happened.

Come explore ways successful coaches have handled a variety of conundrums and the edgy questions that will help push you to the next level of your practice. Get a front row seat at author Beth Buelow’s highly engaging and enlightening program, which leverages both dialogue and unabashed video vignettes to uncover: The Seven Habits of Highly Ethical Coaches March 10th.

Sign up today!

The Seven Habits of Highly Ethical Coaches 

Zoom Webinar
March 10, 2021
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Registration Closes March 08, 2021


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Chapter News

California Conference for Women

The world has changed dramatically and women need our support more than ever. And as members of the SF Bay Area Coaches ICF Chapter, you’ve told us you want to help. Therefore, we invited our chapter to volunteer as a Career Coach in the new 2021 California Conference for Women, which is all-virtual and runs from March 4-12th.

For more information on the California Conference for Women, including their amazing keynote speaker lineup, please visit their website at https://www.caconferenceforwomen.org.

For those who volunteered, the conference offers each coach a complimentary ticket to the full-day Conference, and recognition in the Conference Program and on the Conference website.

If you missed this one, we will be organizing similar pro-bono coaching events several times a year, and we will send requests for volunteers in this newsletter and via e-mail. Don’t be a stranger if you have questions -- you can reach us at [email protected]!

Thank you,
Christy Brandt & Dave Story
Events Co-Directors

Join Our Team!

We aspire to have a meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative board representing the full spectrum and diversity of our membership.

Are you looking for opportunities for personal and professional growth? Join Our Team!

ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter offers its membership amazing programs and events for personal and professional growth. We’re committed to member engagement and educational experiences that elevate our profession. In addition, our board members enter a supportive environment in which to grow both personally and professionally. 

We are looking for Chapter members who have experience in Communications, Social Media, Sponsorships, Partnerships and possibly nonprofit board service. We are creating a pipeline that allows for continual learning for you and the board. In addition, these roles may enable you to stretch and explore new skills. Please join us!

Note: Board members are required to be ICF Global members affiliated with our SFBAC chapter.

How to apply?

Please contact our chapter President ([email protected]) with your interest to apply and to reach out for more information.

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Partner Offers


Are you tired of "walking on eggshells" when issues of racial, gender, or other differences come up with your clients? As coaches (of all races and identities), how do we find our voices around equity? COACHING EQUITY ESSENTIALS is a 32-hour CCE training including 2-hours of mentor coaching, live-online classes and deep learning. See https://6sec.org/ec -- next cohort starts March 7; ICF SF Bay Area members get 10% off with code: SFBAC

For more about equity & emotional intelligence, please see: https://6sec.org/t/equity


Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership has developed North America’s first certificate program exclusively focusing on Organizational Culture Coaching.

To become one of the first 100 Maslow Certified Culture Coaches in the world visit www.maslowleadership.com.

SFBAC receive 15% discount on the Culture Coaching Certification Program.

Timothy Tiryaki, MEd., PCC
Founder, CEO & Executive Coach - Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership
Co-Chair - ICF Global Executive and Leadership Community of Practice
Connect on LinkedIn
Schedule a Meeting/Session

How confident are you with the SCIENCE part of the “art and science” of coaching?

At Master Mind Institute, our course Information for Transformation: The Neuroscience of Coaching will empower coaches to immediately apply neuroscience concepts in their sessions. Created by an MCC Coach and two neuroscientists, our course helps your clients have more aha moments by actually understanding what’s happening in the brain during the coaching journey.

The online course is 10 work-at-your-own pace/pre-recorded sessions, short assessments and twice monthly live Q & As with the instructors.

Go to mastermindinstitute.com to sign up for the course and use promo code ICFSF15 to save 15%.


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Calendar of Events

Coaches Corner - Talking About diversity: Guiding the Tricky conversation

Zoom Webinar
February 05, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Registration Closes February 03, 2021

Coaches Corner- Relationships Are In The Air!

Zoom Webinar
February 17, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Registration Closes February 15, 2021

Culture Coaching & Culture Action Planning: the missing link in executive coaching.

Zoom Webinar
May 12, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Registration Closes May 10, 2021


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Learning Links

Expand your horizons and elevate your coaching expertise with these ICF initiatives:

Introducing once ICF: A brand that reflects our forward motion http://bit.ly/3qH99hJ

The coaching industry has exploded and helped transform the lives of millions of people around the world. Tune-in to the @apple podcast now. http://apple.co/2NtG4bi

Take ICF’s 2021 snapshot survey today! https://bit.ly/2XNJRCh

As a leader, the more one builds the coaching muscle, one’s ability to ask killer questions makes the coachees reflect on their references and experiences and change their interpretations. http://bit.ly/399Kr3q

7 strategies to build a more resilient team http://bit.ly/3o7FZXl

4 ways to improve your emotional intelligence in the new year http://bit.ly/2NsQRm6

The neuroscientific approach to change. https://bit.ly/30btpgQ

Does your definition of leadership exclude women of color? http://bit.ly/398rluH

5 ways to improve this key component of emotional intelligence http://bit.ly/2Y4yG8h


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Social Media

Stay in the know, connect with fellow coaches in the Bay Area, have meaningful conversations and get access to all things SFBAC!

Facebook Page - ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches

Twitter - @SFBACoaches

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Linkedin Company Page -  linkedin.com/company/icf-san-francisco-bay-area



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