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A Message from Our president

Hope & Action

What a time of deep sadness and inspired action.  We were still sheltering in place because of a bewildering pandemic when we witnessed another example of violence directed toward our communities of color. What we saw was shocking and a complete failure to embrace a society of diversity, inclusion, and justice.  As a collective, we held our breath and as one, we reached a tipping point.

Where do we go from here?  As I talk with friends, family, and clients, I hear many speak of “a hope for change and a brighter future.”  I resonate with that hope and have aspirations for a different future.  

I am reminded of a past time when I said, “I hope for a different and better future.” A good friend and colleague responded to my comment and said, “Hope is not an action verb.”  She was right – what actions will we take to make lasting change?  

I challenge myself and all of us, to consider what steps (small to big) we might take to create a different future.  How can we help our communities and clients move toward a brighter and more inclusive world?  These changes will in no way be quick and easy. Still, I believe we are cultivating a better world.  I encourage us all to plant the seeds of change, seeds that will grow into a future forest of resilience, inclusion, and courage.

Deanna Stouder
SFBAC President 2020


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Calendar of Events

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Cynthia Gregory
& Rosalind Franklin

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
July 15, 2020
Registration Closes July 20, 2020

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Rachel Chang

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
July 29, 2020
Registration Closes July 27, 2020

Creating Transformational Presentations
Hosted by Alexia Vernon

Zoom Webinar
August 12, 2020
Registration Closes August 10, 2020

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Chapter Updates

Join our Team!

Over the past several years a team of dedicated board members has created a wonderful foundation for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Coaches. What an amazing professional legacy!   And as we enjoy the warm days of summer, it is the time of year when we begin to invite individuals to join our team.  

If you are interested in getting involved to help develop and grow our Chapter through the committee or Board engagement,  we would love to hear from you!  We are looking for ICF members who affiliate with our chapter and who have experience in communications, events,  member engagement, and nonprofit board service.   

We aspire to have a meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative leadership team representing the full spectrum and diversity of our membership. To request more information, click here

And please stay tuned! We will be reaching out as soon as we can, but if you can’t wait…. feel free to contact our chapter president, Deanna Stouder.

SFBAC & IGL Partnership

As coaches, we’re committed to making a difference not only in the bottom-line results, but the lives of those we serve. Growing a coaching practice requires us to keep learning skills that add new value to our clients.

If you’re committed to growing your skills and your practice, in spite of what the world shows up with, an opportunity that can help you is the Foundations of Generative Leadership workshop. You’ll learn actionable leadership and coaching skills that you can use the first day back to work with your clients.

ICF San Francisco Bay Area in partnership with the Institute for Generative Leadership is making this available to our members for a special discount. You’ll get 15% off the public price.

Learn more here.  For ICF SFBA members, please log in to access the promo code in our member's area.

You can also reach out to IGL at [email protected].

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Program & Event Spotlight

Do you want to attract more clients to your practice?  Presenting, in-person or virtual, is one of the most effective ways to do this.  Join us to learn how to showcase your coaching skills and create WOW experiences for your audience.

Learn proven tips and techniques to create:

  • pitches that event planners say Yes! to, 
  • presentations that are transformational, and
  • a breakthrough experience for your audience that will have them saying….WOW, I want more of that.

Alexia Vernon has the experience and know-how to make this learning experience transformational for everyone in the “house!” 


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Learning Links

Membership has its benefits! Take advantage of the resources of a global membership organization and learn remotely from peers, thought-leaders, and voices from around the world.

As One ICF, we stand together against racism, violence and injustice. Learn more. https://bit.ly/3dygF8E

Stay engaged during the pandemic using social media. #CoachingWorld https://bit.ly/2MIoQDn

Learn more about how ICF-credentialed coaches can benefit from pro bono coaching with ICF’s groundbreaking new initiative https://bit.ly/2WMT3qy

 Recent events have created awareness, divide, concern and many other emotions. What should companies do? https://bit.ly/2XKm9aK

Does your coaching client require a referral to therapy? Consider these guidelines as you make the decision. https://bit.ly/2Yl6GP1

Have you had the chance to #ExperienceCoaching? We’d love to hear about it! https://bit.ly/2BWWC5T

Coaches for Good is a groundbreaking new initiative from ICF. In partnership with Soar, this initiative is designed to connect ICF-credentialed coaches with individuals who will most benefit from pro bono coaching. Learn more https://bit.ly/2WMT3qy

Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. Tony McDade. Breonna Taylor. We have heard their names, read their stories, and mourned their early and senseless deaths. Our disbelief and sadness have prompted us to consider changes we must make in our own lives, actions and attitudes in order to dismantle inequality, be better allies, and drive meaningful and lasting change. https://bit.ly/3dygF8E

Here’s how you can stay connected while socially distant https://bit.ly/3cPVspp

Check out this Coaching World article, “Taking Coaching to the Streets” and learn more about ICF Toronto’s pro bono coaching initiative http://bit.ly/399fNVG

Stay up to date on San Francisco Bay Area activities and initiatives!  Follow SFBAC on Facebook and LinkedIn!



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