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A Message from Our president

Reflections during this time

We have all been sheltered in place for a while.  For some of us it might feel like a relief; for others it can be constraining and isolating.  I wouldn’t consider myself a poet, or even one who enjoyed poetry, however, recently while walking by myself I started creating haikus.  I record on my phone as the image or moment strikes me.  Sharing a few:


Child on front yard swing

Squeals of excited delight

Shade trees all around



Missing friends deeply

Want in-person connections

Looking for that time


Window decorations

Fish in my window

For all passersby to see

Check that off your list


What reflections do you have?  Have you acquired new skills, habits, or routines that you want to take into the post-pandemic time?  This time allows us to mindfully bring new practices forward.  (I probably won’t write poetry, however, it enables me to see more of the world around me.)  

Please join us to share and connect during our events throughout May, June, and July, and learn by attending our June 10 program.   I hope you are all well, staying safe, and taking care of yourself and all the people in your world who matter.

Deanna Stouder
SFBAC President 2020


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Calendar of Events

Business Essentials to finding a client

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know
Zoom Webinar
June 10, 2020
Registration Closes June 8, 2020

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Ricci Victorio

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
June 17, 2020
Registration Closes June 15, 2020

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Deanna Stouder

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
June 24, 2020
Registration Closes June 22, 2020

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Cynthia Gregory
& Rosalind Franklin

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
July 15, 2020
Registration Closes July 20, 2020

Coaches Corner
Hosted by Rachel Chang

Regional Coaches Virtual Networking Event
Zoom Webinar
July 29, 2020
Registration Closes July 27, 2020

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Chapter Updates


We at SFBAC are grateful for Manoj Ramanan Viswanathan’s work with our chapter.  He began as a volunteer, supporting us during our Chapter meetings, moved into serving as our Membership Director, then ultimately as Treasurer and member of the Executive Board.  SFBAC is on strong footing because of Manoj’s role in transforming our budget, sponsorship, and partnership practices.  It is with true gratitude to thank him for all his work and wish him the best as he moves forward on the next part of his journey.


An update for our Chapter Members

We launched the COVID-19 pro bono program on April 17.   Since then we have received 76 sign-ups by our coaching community.   Thank you! We are deeply touched by and grateful for your generosity and support.

We started receiving requests for coaching on April 20.   Our process is to match clients with coaches who have the same interests and coaching expertise.  Currently, we have 10x more coaches signed up than we have clients.  We will continue to match clients as long as a need exists.  Our understanding from the health care and first responder community is that they are overwhelmed and exhausted, so it may take some time before they reach out.  We will keep you updated on a monthly basis, or more frequently as needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Again, we are so grateful for you and proud of our joint effort together!

Stay safe and healthy!

Rachel Chang
Director of External Events

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Program & Event Spotlight

Are you a new entrepreneur and curious about best practices to set your business up properly?  Have you got your license? Your EIN?  

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur and seeking new ideas on how best to find paying clients and get past the inevitable “no” with more ease? 

 Many coaches, both new and seasoned, have learned the hard way that there are important elements both in setting up their business as well as gaining paying clients that lead to growth.  Setting up a business and having it thrive takes more than launching a website or asking family and friends for referrals.

Come join us for a highly interactive, engaging webinar with Michael (Mike) Castiglione of Sandler Training. Gain insights on 

  • business fundamental best practices, 
  • the mindset needed to get your business to the next level and
  • how to formulate a prospecting plan to find ideal paying clients and get past “no” with greater ease.

Sign up today for Business Essentials to Finding a Paying Client-What every entrepreneur should know


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Learning Links

In times of social isolation and increased remote work, elevate your skills and pick up some new coaching tools from our International Coaching Federation colleagues near and far!

Social Media Tip of the Week: Think of social media as one big networking event. The word social in the phrase social media marketing is key. Engage with others and respond to their content to build relationships and connect with them.

Here are a few social media articles that you need to check out this week!

Here’s how you can prepare for your virtual conference: https://bit.ly/3fwubuT

Manage a PR or social media crisis like a pro by following these 10 steps: https://bit.ly/2YG4IZW

Building trust virtually. Here’s how you can do it: https://bit.ly/3eJvaaD

ICF Advance Provocateur Ann Betz, PCC, and ICF Business Development Series host William Arruda shared strategies to help you keep your coaching practice moving forward. View the recording https://bit.ly/2A5jyih

For up to the minute news, connect with your SF Bay Area Coaches on LinkedIn and Facebook! Got news to share, programs to request or share with your ICF Bay Area Coaching colleagues? Connect with us on social media and maximize the power of #relationships!  



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Social Media

Stay in the know, connect with fellow coaches in the Bay Area, have meaningful conversations and get access to all things SFBAC!

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