About Our Chapter

The ICF seeks to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. San Francisco Bay Area Coaches is a not-for-profit, professional organization of personal and business coaches. We are the local chapter of the ICF, the largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches dedicated to building, supporting and preserving the integrity of the coaching profession. We are the largest regional Chapter with 683 ICF credential holders who call SFBAC their home chapter. 

Our Leadership Team



Deanna Stouder

Why I serve on the board: I believe in the power of coaching and wanted to serve our coaching community. When I began my coaching business, SFBAC provided support with wonderful people. I’m here to serve our membership with a high functioning chapter that meets their needs while seeking input for continuous improvement.

Fun fact: I enjoy “Billy goat” gardening!

website: www.execvisionvalue.com


Vice President

Sophie Leroi

Why I serve on the board: My primary goals serving on the board are to promote professional and trustworthy coaching services and to build a vibrant community of coaches who can support each other and find the resources and help they need.

Fun fact: Change is my passion and almost a way of life! In the past 30 years I have lived in 5 different countries and learned 3 different languages. I love being exposed to new environments and new responsibilities, and I love being able to coach clients through their own transitions. Also, I make political speeches in my sleep.

Website: www.the-focus-room.com



Wendy Edelstein

Why I serve on the board: I have a strong value of community and serving on this board enables me to meet and connect with so many smart, warm, and creative coaches. I love being able to learn and to give back through my contributions to SFBAC.

Fun fact: I have two and a half core passions—playing tennis and obsessively following the pro tours and reading the best contemporary fiction I can find.

Website: www.changeovercoaching.com



Manoj Ramanan

Why I serve on the board: I serve on the SFBAC board as I get to live two of my biggest values—Service and Connection. I believe that as coaches our impact is accelerated through the power of community and I am driven to play my part in helping to strengthen our coaching community. I bring to the board energy, positivity, and passion and I appreciate the opportunity to work with service-minded leaders.

Fun fact: I love hiking and being in nature.

Website: www.manojacademy.com


Program & Events Director

Rosalind Franklin

Why I serve on the board:I am happy combining my professional worlds of Board Governance, Leadership and Coaching to serve on the Board of SFBAC. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with other coaches, support my community and help to create a valuable, welcoming and enjoyable experience for the members of our San Francisco chapter.

Fun fact:I am a harpist and love music from all over the world and ride my motorcycle for relaxation.

Website: Rosalind Franklin Group


Sponsorships Director

Jennifer Fink

Why I serve on the board: I decided to serve on the board to get connected and integrated into my community. I love being a connector, and helping others by introducing them to new people, knowledge, and resources. Coaching is still a relatively new field and I enjoy being able to share with others the value that coaching and the coaching community can bring to the world. There is so much impact we can make if we just know where and how to help. Happy connecting!

Fun fact: One of my favorite interests is woodworking, refinishing, and crafting projects. I’ve also recently become very intrigued with the trumpet.

Website: www.finkdevelopment.com


Events Manager

Leslie DuBridge

Why I serve on the board: I'm honored to serve on the Chapter's board to help be a key player on the events committee, thereby growing our membership of thriving coaches. My aim is to add value to the board by forging healthy partnerships, discovering revenue streams, and sustainable connections, both locally and globally through the board's provision of live and virtual events and activities. Witnessing the transformation of my coaching clients, transforms my life.

Fun fact: I once auditioned for the late' 90s television talent show "Your Big Break" to "emulate" Natalie Cole as a look-a-like and to lip sync "This Will Be.”

Website: www.pivotalturns.com



Past President

Ricci Victorio

Why I serve on the board: From the first chapter meeting I attended in 2014, I knew SFBAC was my Tribe, the professional association that provided opportunities to collaborate, build professional and personal relationships, and continue growing as a coach. Collegial associations are important to any professional who is committed to continuous improvement. I continue to learn so much from our members and am grateful to serve with such an incredibly talented team!


Fun fact: I was a professional actor, improv comedian, and casting director for many years and now have integrated this work into our team building retreats! I love to paint BIG paintings and travel frequently to Italy to visit my husband’s family.

website: www.VictorioConsulting.com