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Nicole Kleemann   (#486)   
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Saratoga, CA
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Nicole Kleemann Coaching
22388 Eden Valley Ct

Saratoga, CA  
Metro Area
South Bay

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South Bay/Silicon Valley: Santa Clara, Santa Cruz & San Mateo counties


As a bilingual, former manager at Google, I worked in different countries, with different cultures and languages. This multinational and -cultural experience not only satisfied my curiosity about people and different ways of living, it also allowed me to gain a deep understanding of what it means to leave your life, friends and family behind and settle into a new community and environment. I am happy that I can combine these learnings with my passion for people and personal / career development. I love nothing more than seeing somebody get fully into their life or career and enjoy the place they are in.

- Coaching individuals to gain deeper fulfillment in life and work and settle in a new environment.
- Guiding teams through change, and building integral and diverse work forces.

Common topics among my clients are:
- Burn-out + finding a new / greater purpose in work + life
- Leadership + communication with the wider team or organisation
- Connecting more authentically with others
- Personal transformation around confidence, communication and leadership
- Navigating career and location changes
- Feeling at home in a new environment or culture

My clients typically are business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs etc. who want to make a difference in their organization and their lives and are ready to start with themselves. 

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