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President's Message

October 2017

SFBAC 2017 Team.JPG

Oh how grateful I am for this wonderful, dedicated, creative, and professional team! Although we are missing a few key people from this picture, I hope it provides some perspective on how many people are working together as volunteers behind the scenes to provide the many different activities and programs for the ICF - San Francisco Bay Area Coaches.

(This picture was taken last November during our 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat.)

If you have never visited the page that provides the Board’s bios, I suggest you check it out. We have an esteemed group of highly professional individuals who donate their time to seek out outstanding speakers for our programs and webinars and  a social media and communications team who tweets, posts, shares and promotes programs and workshops being offered in the Bay Area that we feel you would find beneficial. We have a membership team that wants to help you get everything you need as a member of SFBAC and ICF Global. And an executive team that advocates for our members to the community and ICF Global, always striving to find ways to help you build a successful coaching practice.

During our last retreat, we developed our 2017 business plan, and will be meeting this month on October 21st to work on 2018. If you are interested in reading our 2017 One Page Business Plan, here is the link. Listed below are our Strategic Priorities:

For our membership:

  • Connection – to help our members develop relationships that build trust and community

  • Creativity – to provide opportunities to stretch professionally, personally, and intuitively

  • Competency – to bring outstanding speakers to enrich our capabilities as coaches

  • Commerce – to help our members achieve their goals and build successful practices

For our board:

  • Create ease and flow - so we can enjoy and have fun together in leadership

  • Leadership continuity – create appropriate plan for predictable board transitions

  • Improve communication and organizational systems – (see Objectives #1 & 2 above)

  • Board development – invite members to participate on projects to develop future board members

As you see, we have a fairly ambitious set of goals and I am happy to report that we are on track to achieve or exceed everything we set out to do (whew!). As we are entering the 4th quarter of the year, I would like to share the behind-the-scenes accomplishments our team has achieved this year:

  • We are the largest regional chapter in the country with 570 ICF members!

  • We have continued to provide coaching opportunities within our community through our relationships with Watermark Women’s Conference, WITI, SCORE, Tech Inclusion Fairs, Marin County Job Fair, and multiple locations throughout the Bay Area during International Coaching Week.

  • We have a balanced budget.

  • Our chapter corporate by-laws have been updated and filed.

  • We've created written job descriptions and board expectations for all directors and committees.

  • Our internal organization is completely paperless, in the cloud,and can easily be shared/transferred through leadership change.

  • Our new website is going live this month (fingers crossed!).

  • We are on-boarding 3 incredible new board members for events, membership, and volunteer recruiting—and you will hear more about them next month (more on this).

  • We've moved to having more virtual meetings for chapter programs with emphasis on 2-3 live events with outstanding programs and speakers, with locations spanning different parts of the Bay Area. East Bay and South Bay, we have heard your voices and will hopefully be planning a local event in your area in 2018!

Here is my request: We Need You!

We have designed a board and committee system where our foundational tenet is: “If something causes too much anxiety, stress, or upset, ask for help, or, we can make another choice.” We have continued to redefine the schedule, processes, and expectations to what we know we can do lovingly, happily, and with energy. And each year, we have a few members of our board, directors and committees who complete their commitments and prepare to retire. We would very much like to get people committed and trained with the retiring members before 2018 to ensure a smooth transition. We are looking for people who are passionate about the coaching profession and want to give back to their community!

If you would like to participate in an exciting, progressive, connected and collaborative team, I would ask you to consider becoming part of the SFBAC team. We have innovated changes in standard ICF chapter organization development and leadership sustainability, which is quickly becoming adopted by many chapters around the world.

We have some really impactful roles to fill:

  • Secretary and member of the executive committee: This is an elected role and provides leadership to the board and especially our programs and events committees.

  • Treasurer and member of the executive committee: This is an elected role and provides leadership to the board, works with our bookkeeper, who handles all of the financial day-to-day affairs, and oversees our virtual admin, and especially provides leadership to our membership team.

  • Operations Director: This is an advisor to the executive committee and works closely with the President and Secretary.

  • Business Development Director: This individual works closely with the Vice-President in developing relationships with sponsoring companies who provide coaching support to our members via training, workshops or business tools. These sponsors help to pay for our website, programs, facilities, and events.

  • Programs Coordinator: This person works closely with the Programs Director and helps to coordinate activities for our chapter meetings, both live and virtual.

  • School Liaison: This individual works closely with the Business Development and Communications Directors to provide opportunities for collaboration, support and information between the local coaching schools and our members.

  • Public Relations: This person works closely with the Marketing and Communications team to get our message out to schools, companies, and the overall community to share what we are about, upcoming events, and International Coaching Week activities.

  • Social Activities Chair: This is a new position we are considering. We are looking for an individual who would like to help coordinate Meet-Ups for members to get together in-between chapter events. Small meetups for lunches, cocktail hour, hikes, wine tasting, etc. The purpose of this role is to increase opportunities for members to connect.

If you would like to continue to see great programs, interactive activities to connect with your peers, coaching opportunities at outstanding conventions and conferences, and grow in your own abilities as a leader, please consider my personal invitation to step forward. Send me an email at and we can discuss what would be just right for you!

Come on. Wanna play? You know you do!

With love,


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